Thursday, 29 May 2014

... Or Are Classic Movies Constantly and Wrongly Overlooked?

Anyone who knows me will know that my passions in life are films and music, and it is the former which this entry will surround today. I have watched a huge variety of film styles and genres, from the wonderfully avant-garde to the unnecessarily weird, with many favourites spanning several of these categories. It has got to the stage that the simple question of 'what's your favourite film/actor/genre?' is a question which causes my brain to implode slightly and in so failing to send any comprehensible words to my lips and tongue and I end up sounding like Scooby-Doo having an allergic reaction to some Peanut Butter which has coated the inside of his mouth. Aaaanyway, I really must say that pre-judging films on aesthetics such as genre, prominent actors and most importantly whether it is displayed in colour really gets up my metaphorical 'hooter'.

Taking the latter of these examples as the most common reason for disliking a feature film by using the borderline ignorant excuse of  'black and white films bore me' or 'I can't get into films that aren't colour' is something that leaves me scratching my head or even rolling my eyes like old Doris who lives down the lane. There is something inherently awesome about the old days of black and white film-making; firstly the wondrous clarity of the picture, which levels really have only been matched by today's Blu-Ray discs, simply gave these films a classic feel. I also believe the lack of colour and the resulting distraction leaves the audience in a position to be completely engrossed by the quality of acting and equally captivating script. These two features have unfortunately in certain contemporary examples, taken a backseat (wrongly) as more and more film-makers have prioritised big actions sequences, fire, flames, explosions, gunfights, and killing helicopters with car scenes. But I digress.

I must concede that yes, the effects in these classic movies are 'of their time' shall we say. But isn't a triumph that these films are still championed (by most of us that is) despite their technological disvantages by today's standards and continue to be in our age of bright lights and spoon fed narratives. There seems to be far too many features these days which rely on their special effects supervisors and teams to create captivating moments and edge of your seat sequences. I believe this is wrong. Besides all these classic film makers; Hitchcock et al, managed to thrive for years without explosions and huge budgets for special effects and arguable create more tension, excitement, sorrow and delight for audiences than the new kids on the block.

That's all for this entry, for the capitalist clock ebbs ever closer to work time for me. So until next time,
      Keep on Keeping on.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

...A True Return

I know that my last post ensured that way back in May 2012 that I would continue to provide more of my musings and hopefully amusing views on the world around me. Well, a whole 24 months later, here I am! And there has been a whole host of changes in my life since then, I have graduated from University, failed to achieve anything with my degree,  fully regretted paying to go to University in the first place. But to be unnaturally positive, I feel that I am ultimately in a better position both mentally and physically. Atleast I am in employment and have an income so that I can save which means that one day I can move out into my own place (the ultimate dream for my generation, which I feel most will not be able to afford including myself). Not that those who read this are interested in my self loathing, I hereby promise to commit more effort to my blog, as well as an expansion of what I will actually write about. I may start a series of film reviews as I am tired of giving my critiquing and unique writing style away to online magazines, as well as maybe a serialised story or novella.

But anyways, that is enough for today, if I may be so self righteous, any requests for subjects that I can get my teeth into or films which you would like to know my opinion of, feel free to leave a comment below. In the meantime, keep on keeping on.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

... A return to Blogging

So finally, I have decided to make a return to posting on this Blog which catalogues my musings, most of which are born out of hatred of what I observe as Life which surrounds me. After a grueling 8-weeks of final assignment submissions and examinations and the best part of two weeks which I have devoted to mostly trying to get away with doing the least amount of bodily movement while still sufficing my need for water, food and the disposing of bodily waste, I have returned. 

I am more than well aware that most of you may view this blog as having less relevance than a steaming heap of matter from the back-end of a Golden Retriever, even I hold little understanding why I've decided to continue on this ridiculous path of supposed self-righteousness. Maybe I get a sick thrill out of knowing my miserable outlook on the crumbling existence of humanity is on some level being imposed, whether consciously or sub-consciously onto a handful of individuals? Maybe I find there are too many hours in the day to fill by sitting in my underwear staring out the window contemplating whether it's worth my time and effort to make the grand step out the front door? It may also be possible that I find this as a more appropriate medium of ranting and raving about the world than some individuals, some of those who can be spotted on the streets of Los Angeles, in nothing but a pair of 'Y-fronts', their member in hand, banging the ground with their free fist screaming out at the top of their lungs. No names mentioned of course.

Whatever it is, I take an interesting enforcing my views on you all like a mentally unstable and unpredictable Dictator, and if you don't like it, you can kindly refrain from viewing said musings because I don't really care what you think. I have some cool ideas to add to this Blog, as well a possible second Blog which will document my brief period of travelling some of the territories in the North of England.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

...Is there too much Prejudice in Politics nowadays?

Now, this is something that I'm probably going to struggle through, since I barely have any interest in/allegiance towards any of the Politicians that are supposed to represent us and govern in 'our best interests'. However, this is something that I see throughout society and it really annoys me to the point of me wanting to physically slap and violently shake the offenders of the following wrong-doing. It is of the amount of prejudice there seems to be in Politics nowadays, and how it is so potent that it can cloud and possibly deceive our judgement, and make many of us to vote with our hearts rather than our brains. Firstly, this is seen on the most personal and local level of the political process, this is of course the process of voting, member of the local constituency coming together to a local meeting place to place their trust in a local bloke who we'll never see or hear from apart from a Birthday card on your 18th Birthday. A shamefully obvious and blatant attempt to kidnap and corrupt the political bearings of the young, ripe generation of voters.

It is not just this that annoys me, it the ridiculous amount of stereotypes that still remains in the sphere of politics, and how this seems to take precedent in our judgement as to who we shall vote for. Yes, of course it's the old chestnut about the Conservative being the posh 'Toffs' straight out of Eton to steal from the poor and leave the rich alone, and to encourage the population to be more like the rich folk in their mansion homes driving their E-type Jaguars. Then we have the little down-trodden Socialist Labour party, supporters all the workers and the Unions out there, feeling sorry for themselves, thinking that this Government owes them something, usually in the way of some kind of benefit allowing them to work as little as possible. Finally, the little lad bringing up the rear, is Mr Lib Dem, the guy who no one really likes but wants to be everyone's best friend, making up ridiculous tales and promises, not really being prepared to be challenged on said claims. leading to the annoying presumption that a vote for Lib Dem is a 'wasted vote'.

If these ridiculous cartoon style, 'who's the baddie/who's the goodie?' stereotypes weren't enough, it is the fact that most people use them as serious reasoning behind their decision on who to vote for come election time. It is also the sense of Family ties in politics which gets me down, the old excuse that 'my families been Labour for years' for example, this is not a reason to vote for someone who's going to form a Goverment and rule your country! I mean shouldn't it all be about, who pledges to make policies which we most agree to? this question is of course Rhetorical as you and I both know the answer should be 'Yes, of course it should be'.

It's even on the highest level of political activity that these stereotypes are played upon, for example during the elections of May 2010, the debates which were broadcasted  nationwide, were merely opportunity to Brown, Cameron and Clegg to all throw their handbags at each other and bicker like old women having their Blue rinses put in. How can we take these guys seriously, it is the most blatant example of avoiding the question I have ever seen, and it's not just on this one occasion, every time Question Time is on, the politicians willl do everything but answer the question posed to them. So why don't they like to answer questions about the pledges that they all seem to make in the run up to elections *cough* Clegg *cough*.

I am no political guru and most of this is just my own thoughts splashed out onto a computer screen, I'm in no way trying to ideologically change your beliefs but really, think about it. Don't go making decisions at the ballot box to make Daddy proud or to feel like you've joined some ridiculous family trend, just make your own mind up. I know I did, and this country's still messed up.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

...What is this thing they call Pop Music?

Now, this is one thing that really gets me down, and really strains my ability to have faith in life. I was going to save it for a few months time when I'd become an established blogger, but I thought 'why not?' Saves me doing something unproductive, like my pressing University work. It is this shameful excuse for music that is rammed down our Aural canals through various mediums, including Radios (watch out for my separate piece on the Radio coming soon), Television and those club nights we have to endure to fulfill our duties to be part of a social grouping. It seems that nowadays, we all just accept whatever music is spoon-fed to us as popular and good, and yes you guessed it, I am going to mention these manufactured acts and those who get fast tracked to stardom through reality Television shows. I'd just like to question why there is an acceptance of what is quite purely mediocre talent, and then for 90% of people to label it as 'Amazing'. There is so many more acts in the World with more talent in their left knee than some of these people, hold up, maybe i'm being unfair, I meant, take away the auto-tuning and other electronic 'assistance' these 'stars' have and you're left with a pretty face and something they like to call 'star personality. Why isn't raw musical talent and natural tone enough anymore?

Perhaps it's just me, and I don't want to start one of those YouTube-style arguments about Beiber vs God (unnecessary), or Metal being the music of Beelzebub (ridiculous), I merely want to have my rant. I just find it very unfair how these acts who aren't given the time of day who are Musically talented, miss out on the fame and fortune that they deserve, although thinking about it, maybe it suits them. I can't imagine being very jealous of missing out on an invitation to the Brit Awards for example, where this year we saw a lovely young lady from Tottenham put her middle-finger up at the 'suits', however does she not realise it is these 'evil' corporate individuals she has to thank for her over-hyped and exaggerated success. What a lovely example of the Music Industry today, don't bite the hand that feeds you is all I'm saying.

As an amateur musician myself, I see that the most disappointing result of this recent development in the Industry is the demise of the so-called 'Rock n Roll fairy-tale'. We see nowadays someone can spend a few weeks on the X-factor or that talent show playing/singing covers of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Boyz II Men, then they are pretty much set to sell-out arenas nationwide for a few years, setting them up financially for life. It is now very rare for someone who puts in the years of effort, blood, sweat and tears touring small pubs and clubs with their own material getting their reward of just a little fortune and fame. I don't understand how these 'stars' nowadays can get a sense of earning their status. I know the life I'd prefer, although maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic stuck in the days of Radio Luxembourg and Rock n Roll. Am I the fool?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

... Or are People obsessed with Blogging?

It seems to me that nowadays there is a craze and almost an obsession with people thinking their voice must be heard, whether this be through Blogging, social commentary through online articles or forums, or simply through lengthy, pretentious, and frankly annoying statuses. It just seems that people nowadays seems to think they have something worth sharing with the World and it's Dog, and why? Just because we have the capability, and apparently in our Democratic state, the right to exercise free speech and freedom of thought, doesn't mean we all have to begin sharing our thoughts, because frankly who cares? I know what you are all thinking, and yes I'm being a massive hypocrite, however there is actually a purpose to this Blog (hopefully), mostly for my own benefit, I mainly see this Blog as a creative outlet for me to rant about things that honestly, purely irritate me so much, I'm worried about my health if i don't vent this anger in any other way. I aim to make it a pleasurable read on my way, before you begin to think 'what's the point of going on?'.

Firstly, I frequently try to think why people continue to write these blogs, is it yet another case of people having way too much time on their hands, and not quite knowing what to do with it? or maybe it's simply our generation of having a compulsive need for the internet in our lives? Don't get me wrong there are many people who blog about very interesting and necessary subjects, and do a very good job, but really do any of us really need or want to read about the daily routine of a feline pet? I'd like to see how many blogs are just made up of recycled and mundane topics such as football and the weather, which is why I'm joining the many bloggers how seem to get some sick satisfaction from moaning about all that is wrong with the modern world.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is going to serve as a creative outlet for me to rant about you all, then only to spam your pages, forcing you to read this back and to give me some reaction so I can feel some form of appreciation and well-being. I think the blog is the perfect medium for my views on society as I've never had the patience to start formulating a complex enough plot line let alone to write a novel, and let's just say I'm way too grounded in reality to write any kind of Poetry. Also, I'm pretty bored of just seeing the blue and white colours of Facebook waiting for something to happen, so at least I can get a sense that I'm doing something productive with my life this way. There is one message I'd like to pass on to you and that is to not take anything I post seriously, I am merely an old cynical Gent in the body of a 20-year old man. In a former life I'd be the old fart at the back of the local sipping at a pint of Bitter on my own moaning to the various pub staff about the ways of the World. I would love for you all to be my unknowing, falsely polite audience forced to hear my every word. Apart from that, please enjoy.